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Trash Different

Waste Evolution is dedicated to delivering quality valet waste services to attract and retain residents of multi family communities in the Lafayette, Louisiana area.
Trash Different is not just a slogan, it is what we do. Today, we are known for our quality waste valet service in Acadiana, but in 10 years we want to be known to the World as creative leaders in the solid waste industry.  Be a part of this game changing company by allowing Waste Evolution to provide a quality amenity that 100% of the residents in your communities can use.

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How Does Doorstep Trash Valet Work?

Step 1

Deliver Receptacles to Each Unit

Step 2

Place Trash In Receptacle At Scheduled Time

Step 3

Porters Pick Up Trash On Schedule

Step 4

Porter Puts Trash In Dumpster/Compactor

Acadiana Made

Benefits of Waste Evolution's Trash Valet

Increase Your Net Operating Income

  • 12 month phase-in provides positive cash flow with NO start-up investment
  • Existing residents are not billed until their renewal

Increase Your Property’s Asset Value

  • Asset value is increased by adding a new revenue stream

Create Maintenance Efficiencies

  • Maintenance staff backlog can result in overtime
  • Increase maintenance staff retention.  No one wants to pick up trash…except us!
  • Our valet trash service allows your maintenance group to focus on work orders
  • Our porters clean the hallways, breezeways, dumpster/compactor area(s), and commons area

Improve Your Property’s Curbside Appeal

  • Waste Evolution provides a leak resistant trash receptacle with a lid to each unit reducing the amount of leaks on property
  • Our porters treat your property as their own to maintain a clean and beautiful environment

Voted #1 Amenity by Residents

  • Unlike other amenities, doorstep valet trash and recycling is used by all residents
  • The National Apartment Association has consistently reported doorstep trash valet as one of the top if not the top amenity voted on by residents

Acadiana Made

  • We are a locally owned and operated company based out of the Lafayette, Louisiana area
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Increase NOI with no budgeting required

WE Pick Up 7 days a week!

Each Unit Receives a Quality Decorative Trash Receptacle

No Budget? No Problem!

Increase NOI with no budgeting required

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Waste Evolution's Trash Receptacle Types

Why Choose Waste Evolution?

We are the only valet trash service offering 7 days a week pick up. We are dedicated service professionals looking to make an impact on your community on day 1. Our services are built around quality and innovation. Our services will help maintenance crews focus on work orders instead of resident waste violations. Our valet trash pick up services are the backbone of our company and we will work with communities of any size to bring beautification and a quality amenity that both the residents and property managers can enjoy!

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The Evolution In Waste Is Here

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